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Weekly Lessons

March 2 -- 6

**all lessons subject to change**

            Monday -   Lesson 6-1 Understand Fractions; wb pg 129
            Tuesday -  Lesson 6-2 Fractions that Add to One; wb pg 131
            Wednesday -  Lesson 6-3 Add & Subtract Fractions with Like Denominators; wb pg 133
            Thursday -   Lesson 6-4 Mixed Numbers & Fractions Greater than 1; wb pg 135
            Friday -  Grundy Electric Presentation on Electrical Safety; Practice Mixed Numbers and Fractions Greater than 1


Communication Arts:
**We are taking a step away from our Treasures text book and will be doing some different activities for a few weeks.  Our reading, vocabulary, spelling and grammar will be worked in together with these different activities. 

            Monday -  Watch & Critique Plays (from last week)
            Tuesday -  Big Bone Movie Party
            Wednesday -  Electrical Circuits - Science Leveled Reader
            Thursday -  Electrical Circuits - Science Leveled Reader 
            Friday -  3rd Quarter Movie Party (for students with fewer than 3 late papers)


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